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Wrought iron fencing and gates have come to portray the essence of strength, protection and elegance on beautiful homes and properties for centuries. Our minds have romanced those gorgeous designs and the images of the landscape behind them into an art form. The trouble is, the cost associated with hand-making all those fence and gate pieces, along with the unbelievable and relentless maintenance of a true hand-wrought iron fence makes the prospects all but unachievable. Until now.

Our metals and coatings are chosen first for their endurance.

In producing the Estate Collection, Ultra starts with strong alloys and powder-coats them with a super-durable layer designed to withstand weather and atmospheric conditions that can cause ordinary metals to rust, corrode and crumble.

Estate Gate

Designs can be modern or historic.

With their Estate Collection Fencing, Railing & Gates, Ultra uses a series of Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines designed by European blacksmiths to twist and turn the aluminum or steel into intricate patterns and shapes. The designs and the superior quality of the metals far exceeds the lightweight metal fencing available at local lumberyards and home center stores. The treatment of the metal at Ultra Estate can replicate all the nuances and fine scrollwork found in the iron fencing that was hand-hammered long ago. There is virtually no limit to the composition and construction of the gate or fence. We have a wide variety of traditional designs, or you can create your own.

Estate Gate

Efficiently designed for a gate, porch railing or to fence an entire estate.

Because our fencing and gate components are forged by CNC machines, your chosen pattern or scroll designs can be easily replicated and incorporated into a complete fencing system for your property. Gates can be quite ornate, and the designs can be simplified, and carried through the railing or fence.

Anything a blacksmith can do…

Twists, scrolls, embossing and hammered textures can all be specified. With the Estate Collection, we have found efficient ways to duplicate hand-wrought finial picket tips and ornate baskets built into the pickets. There are many designs from which to choose below.

Designs options to fit your style

There are almost no limits to the design and configuration of your gates, railing or fencing. Below are but a few of the myriad options that are available from the Ultra Estate Collection.

Post Caps, Finials & Collars

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Decorative Castings

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Bending & Forging

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